"We are pleased to enter a new leg of the Harpoon voyage. We believe that the community welcomes bundling of older versions in order to preserve their legacy of scenario and database development, and provides a platform to move forward - at their own pace.

We are working out the details of developing themed BattleSets based on the work of two members of community, both of whom have published naval themed books recently.

In addition, we are pleased to feature the work of Dr. Phil Alexander in our database displays ( We feel that having his original artwork adds a little something extra to the game.

Of course, Harpoon has been a community effort for many years and are encouraged to see how recent changes have increased user participation, even when we have a problem to solve.

We wish to acknowledge the following people for this release and look forward to adding others to future release "thank you's":
My family, Russell Sharp, Tony Eischens, Brad Leyte, Darren Buckley, Dale Hillier, Ralf Koelbach,
Frans Koenz, Adam Nagao, and others who contributed....

Don "Uncle Harpoon" Gilman.